Pantheon Theater

About Pantheon Theater

It is an utterly modern theatre, designed by sculptor Kostas Varotsos, most definitely the biggest in the country with a central hall of 1600 seats.

With a huge scene with a depth sufficient to accommodate trolleys and depending on the setting will be able to host 2 different performances, is something that has never been done.

Apart from the theatrical identity, Pantheon crafted exterior and interior, from glass and metal by Kostas Varotsos, emerges with a multi-space identity , since it was designed to host cultural events from all art forms.

Because of its structure and aesthetics, the Pantheon Theatre can accommodate any type of show, event, exhibition or conference. The ability to be reshaped on the needs of an event, is what makes it unique.

The large parking area, the high quality services, the cozy café-restaurant Coven with the small stage, the large reception, and all the auxiliary spaces, add on to the final result: Pantheon.